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Okay, so now that you’ve got your Evive smoothie cubes and you’ve mastered how to make your blender-free smoothie, you may have one last question in mind: what’s the best liquid for every Evive smoothie? We got you! All smoothie recipes work great with either water, juice or plant-based milk, but here are all of our top liquid suggestions to use with each one of our smoothie flavours.

Best Liquids for Every Evive Smoothie
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🥬 YOGI: Soy milk

🍓 SAMOURAI: Almond milk

🍍 TOUK-TOUK: Apple juice

💙 SAPHIR: Cold water

🥑 PURE: Maple water or iced tea

🍇 ASANA: Soy milk

🍫 AZTEQUE: Chocolate-flavoured almond milk

🍎 YIN: Oat milk

💗 VIVA: Cashew milk

Best Liquids for Every Evive Smoothie
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☕ CASHEW MOCHA: Cashew milk

💜 BLUEBERRY HASKAP: Vanilla-flavoured almond milk

🥭 PASSION MANGO: Almond milk

🍊 ORANGE PEACH: Oat milk

Hope this little list helped you! Feel free to try out other options and let me know what your favourites are!