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Green smoothies are an easy way to get a good dose of veggies, nutrients, and vitamins in your body. Although their green colour isn’t appealing to everyone, their benefits are amazing, and with the right recipe, they actually taste delicious too! You might not have all the ingredients on hand to create your own complete green smoothie on the daily, so our frozen smoothie cubes take care of all that for you.

I’m a huge fan of green smoothies, and I’m really proud that we’re able to offer you 2 different options within our line: Pure and Yogi. Both green smoothies taste different, but are equally AMAZING thanks to their superfoods!


This rich green smoothie will restore your energy and is filled with nutritious ingredients such as: banana, pear, plant-based protein, spinach, hemp seeds, kale, parsley, and lemon! Moreover, the spirulina ensures that this smoothie contains a good amount of vitamin B, which supports cell renewal.

Easy & Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes
Taste profile: Earthy & comforting
Plant-Based Protein: 10 g
Star Superfood: Hemp seeds
Highlights: Excellent source of vitamin K, D, & E


Our Pure smoothie is filled with healthy fats thanks to the coconut cream and avocado. It also contains ginger, which aids digestion and alleviates PMS. If you’re a matcha fan, you’ll love this smoothie! The addition of matcha and mango makes it especially energizing.

Easy & Delicious Green Smoothie Recipes
Taste profile: Creamy & sweet
Plant-Based Protein: 8 g
Star Superfood: Chlorella
Highlights: 18.2 mg of caffeine (matcha)

Whether you’re already a green smoothie lover like me, or have never given it a try, I’m positive you’ll love at least one of our green smoothies!