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A lot of people in our wonderful Evive community are parents. Knowing that you all are at home spending quality time with your kids (maybe even too much quality time 😅), we’ve created a unique craft project. Say hello to the Evive family!

Once upon a time…

The Evive family has experienced some pretty crazy things in the past few weeks… They’ve been hibernating in a frozen universe. But now, they’ve finally been set free to explore a new magical, warm and colourful world!

It’s your turn:

What does your Evive family look like? How will they prepare themselves for this new beautiful beginning?

Whether you use a real Evive wheel or simply print out these special cartoons, we want your kids to get busy making their Evive family characters.

How to create your Evive family:

  1. Download and print out the PDF.
  2. Colour the cartoon designs with markers, paint, gel pens, or any other desired method! 
  3. Let your kids cut out the cartoons with kid-friendly scissors, or cut them out for them.
  4. Stick the cut-outs on a real Evive wheel or on the paper one.  
  5. Add any cool final touches like glitter, confetti, or any other fun crafty item. Let your creativity run wild and HAVE FUN!
  6. Share with us the final product of your amazing crafts by using the hashtags #evive #evivesmoothie ! We CANNOT WAIT to see them!!