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If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram (if not, what are you waiting for?!), you know just how much we love sharing or resharing beautiful and oh-so-satisfying smoothie bowl recipes. And we see ALL your comments and reactions: we know for a fact you LOVE them too! Now, the real question is: how exactly do we get the ultimate smoothie bowl texture?

Here are our top tips and tricks to create the smoothest, creamiest and thickest smoothie bowl with your fave Evive smoothies.

How to Get the Ultimate Smoothie Bowl Texture
P.S. The flavour you see here is our Asana smoothie (aka our açai flavour!).

  1. We love the unique blender-free aspect of our smoothie cubes, but sometimes, you need to get that blender out. 
  2. Blend your cubes when still frozen.
  3. Reduce the amount of liquid you use: start with just a splash and adjust as you go. You could also completely swap liquid for a plant-based yogurt instead!
  4. Add frozen fruits such as frozen mangoes or berries.
  5. Add ice cubes or frozen coconut milk cubes.
  6. Add creamy ingredients to the mix: bananas and avocados work wonders.

Simply transfer in a bowl and get creative by adding all your fave toppings!