…and this is how we actually managed to do it.

Moms to picky eaters: rejoice! How many mamas out there struggle with kiddos who have extremely poor appetites?

If you answered, “Me!”, then hop on board – I’ve got the Picky Eater Train going… and it’s a total struggle!

My son was a great eater before entering the toddler stage. Now, he seems to gravitate towards starchy, bread-heavy foods.

What if I told you there were simple tricks to get your child interested in trying new foods? Of course, it’s all about trial and error. Parents: always do what works best for your family. With consistency (children adore routine) and encouragement, these tips can help your little ones explore new flavours and healthier plant-based food options.

How I Got My Picky Eater to Try a New Fruit

Photos by Lisa Favre

Recently, our family was introduced to haskap – a fruit that’s full of flavour and benefits (it has more antioxidants than blueberries!).

When I first tried haskap, I was blown away by its taste. Moreover, it boasts a gorgeous colour, which is well-reflected in Evive’s newest extra-protein smoothie blend, Blueberry Haskap.

I wanted my son to get in on the action, so I put forward a few steps to introduce him to it. Here’s how our taste-trial went:

Get Excited About It

Talk to your toddler about your new discovery (in our case, the haskap) and how it’s absolutely tasty! Get them to join in on the conversation. Ask them about its colour, shape and texture.

Plates and Cutlery

Before any of our meals, I ask my son to choose which plate and fork he’d like to eat from. Once he chooses, he helps set the table with it. This gets him more pumped for mealtime because it gets him involved in the prep.

When I was introducing him to haskap, I encouraged him to reach for his favourite bowl and presented the fruit in it.

Freeze It!

Kiddos tend to gravitate towards popsicles and ice cream. By freezing the haskap, my son viewed the fruit more as a frozen treat than a healthy snack.

Give It Time (and a Second Chance!)

If your toddler isn’t interested on the first try, don’t sweat it! When it comes to introducing my son to new food, I often include it in his meals with other bites that he likes. He will eventually reach for it and give it a try.

So… what’s the verdict?

Leo’s Reaction to the Haskap Fruit

I’m proud to say that my son did give the haskap a taste. Leo is an incredibly picky eater so when he first saw the fruit, he was reaching for other food he likes/is familiar with. That’s when I decided to present the haskap frozen in his favourite bowl. I made sure to exude my excitement over the fruit, placing a spotlight on it. He then got a bit more curious and reached for it. 

We both have tried the Blueberry Haskap smoothie, and I’m beyond impressed with it! I’ve actually had more success with the smoothie for my son than the actual haskap fruit. He likes to eat it more as a smoothie bowl, using a spoon. And what’s even more impressive, is that sometimes, he’ll just grab for a cube and snack on one, treating it like a healthy popsicle!

 I’m eager to find more ways to include it during mealtime and have it a part of his (picky eater) diet. As a mom, I know how worrisome it can be when our kids get picky with their food choices. With encouragement and a positive attitude, the “picky eater phase” can be overcome!