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After months of quarantine at home with my kids, I’m pretty much out of ideas for cooking healthy meals and preparing healthy snacks. And when our days all look the same, it’s hard to find new special ways to motivate them to eat their veggies more than ever, am I right?

I’m sure we all feel the same now- we’re tired. We’re taking care of our children during quarantine and we’re making sure they eat right and are stimulated and educated… it’s exhausting.

But just when I was ready to throw the towel and abandon the idea of feeding my kids anything other than carbs, I remembered Evive’s smoothies – absolutely delicious and full of nutrition in every cube! I think they’re absolutely amazing for breakfast as a simple smoothie bowl! Or for a midday snack in the form of a smoothie – and they are the only smoothies that are ready to use, without a blender needed!

I discovered them last year as a mom-on-the-go breakfast idea. They’re unique on the market as they come in a form of cubes that are ready to be popped in a mason jar, covered with milk or water and ready to be enjoyed in no time (they will melt on their own within 10-15 min). But if you want to have them ready within seconds, you can also use a blender – I think they’re delicious either way!

My kids’ current obsession is Touk-Touk (a sunny blend of tropical fruits, veggies and plant-based protein) which is also the flavour of a wonderful project in collaboration with Breakfast Club of Canada. During the month of June, they will be donating 50¢ for each Touk-Touk sold towards this amazing cause!

Now, if you enjoy cooking, you can use Evive’s smoothies as the base for frozen treats, Pinterest-worthy smoothie bowls, or even baked delights! But since I’m a mom currently in quarantine mode without schools or daycare, I simply make the most delicious smoothies for my kids that they actually fully drink!

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Photos by Joanna

Here are a couple of fun ideas that I tried with the Touk-Touk smoothie for my kids and that are not complicated:

  • Mix the Touk-Touk with your milk of preference
  • Mix it with apple juice that’s low in sugar
  • Add some apple sauce and water to your Touk-Touk cubes
  • Serve it in a bowl as a simple smoothie bowl with some sliced fruits
  • Mix the Touk-Touk smoothies with yogurt for an extra creamy texture
  • Serve it in a bowl with cereal that’s low in sugar
  • And, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can get a coconut and serve your smoothie inside it – your kids will think it’s the best treat ever!

Now that I’m making these smoothies once a day, my kids are actually eating many more fruits and veggies in one serving! And in my books, that’s the best mom hack ever!

Now, if you’re wondering where you can get Evive’s frozen smoothie cubes, you can either order them online or check your local Canadian grocery store’s frozen aisles. I hope that you will find them as life-saving as I did and as yummy as my kids do!