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Whether you’ve been an avid consumer of Evive products for a while now, or you’ve recently stumbled upon our brand and are intrigued about our frozen cube concept, we’re here today to answer an important question: What makes Evive smoothie cubes so unique?

The first thing you need to know is that all our products—whether they’re smoothies, soups, meals, or muffins—have one thing in common: they respect a set of golden rules. Moreover, all our smoothie flavours are made of fruits and veggies, incredible superfoods AND plant-based protein. All that goodness packed into a ready to consume, blender-free format.

Our Golden Rules
What makes an Evive product unlike any other? These are our guiding principles for whenever we innovate.

70%+ Organic Ingredients
Superfood Ingredients
No Preservatives
No Artificial Ingredients
Delicious Taste

At Evive, we believe that frozen is the new fresh. That’s because the organic frozen fruits and vegetables in our smoothies are actually more nutrient dense than if you bought them at the grocery store. Most grocery store produce is picked before it’s even ripe, which reduces its nutritional value. 

Additionally, our unique frozen cube concept also helps us to drastically reduce food waste. We use 100% of what we buy for the production of our products. We use fresh fruits and vegetables, picked at their peak ripeness and blended, without accounting for the aesthetic aspect and this ensures that Evive’s food waste is less than 5%. In addition, since our smoothies and meals are portioned and then frozen, there’s little risk of food waste in your household.

What Makes Evive Smoothie Cubes So Unique

Since day one, we’ve been aiming to find innovative ways to elevate food and allow you to get more from life. Our convenient products will always be here to support you on those days where you may not have all the ingredients you need in your fridge or freezer or are just simply too pressed for time!