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Many of our customers enjoy testing out our products for the first time in their local grocery or health food store. It’s a great way to get a feel for our unique smoothie cube concept and experience how easy it is to prepare a healthy breakfast without the need of a noisy blender! However, did you know that our online subscription box offers so many sweet benefits?! 

Here are 5 things you need to know about the awesome Evive Smoothie subscription that goes beyond the convenience of getting your nutritious breakfast delivered right to your door.

1. Completely Personalize Your Box & End Your Subscription Whenever! 📦

What’s great about our online subscription is that it’s completely customizable! Start by choosing between our 2 types of boxes: 15 or 25 product box. Personally, I like the more ecological 25-product box, since it basically provides you with your breakfasts or lunches for the whole month! Then, of course, you can choose your favourite flavours and order frequency. The cherry on top: you can easily skip or advance your upcoming orders, or cancel in just one click.

2. Get Access to all the Exclusive Online Flavours 🥥

You won’t find all our smoothie flavours in-store and that’s because some of our flavours, such as our extra-protein smoothies, are reserved exclusively for our online subscribers. These exclusive flavours include but aren’t limited to our: Azteque, Passion Mango, Orange Peach, Cashew Mocha, and Blueberry Haskap smoothies.

3. Collect Points With Each One of Your Orders 🌟

Have you heard about our Rewards Program?! Get rewarded like never before for taking care of your well-being. Collect Wellness Points for every order you make, as well as with small actions like leaving a review and referring friends. You’ll even get points on your birthday as well as through special promos! Swap these points for online store credits, exclusive merch (hello Evive shaker bottle!) and more!

4. Enjoy Exclusive Deals Just for You 🎁

We have put together a team that is completely dedicated to providing our members with exclusive offers with fun campaigns throughout the year! These include cash rebate, free products and even an early access to new product launches.

5. Contribute to our Plant a Tree Initiative, Support Local Organic Farming and Reduce Food Waste 💚

Did you know that all first purchases of our box of 25 products help create new forests? Every year, Evive is planting an Evive Forest to cover the CO2 emissions of our operations in order to attain our goal of becoming certified carbon neutral by 2023

In addition, buying Evive products supports organic agriculture while also reducing food waste. We support local organic farming since all of our products contain 70% or more organic ingredients. We use fresh fruits and vegetables, picked at their peak ripeness and blended, without accounting for the aesthetic aspect, therefore making Evive’s food waste less than 5%.

Since our smoothies are portioned and then frozen, it reduces the risk of you throwing them out as you would with that wilted spinach or modly raspberry carton at the back of your fridge!

I hope this little article was helpful and informative. Seeing the arrival of an Evive box on my doorstep is special because I know I’m supporting a Canadian🇨🇦 company that’s invested in having a positive impact on people’s wellbeing and our environment.