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Evive Plant A Tree is one of the new special initiatives that Evive has launched. One of our main objectives as a company is to provide wellness to people while respecting our planet. That is why we’re planning to become a carbon-neutral company by 2023. Through our Plant A Tree initiative, for every first-time purchase of our box of 24 smoothies, Evive Smoothie is committed to planting a tree! Evive Plant A Tree wouldn’t be possible without our collaboration with the wonderful people from Compensation CO2 Quebec.


We only get one Mother Earth. Unfortunately, we don’t get a second chance to improve our planet. However, by being mindful of our everyday decisions, we can slowly repair or make ‘compensations’ for the negative effects of harmful emissions. This is what Compensation CO2 Quebec based its company mission of off!

Let’s Plant The First Evive Forest!

Evive Plant A Tree

Evive Plant A Tree was created to celebrate Evive’s 4 year anniversary. We want to give back to the planet. Therefore, a collaboration with Compensation CO2 Quebec was necessary! The program offered by Compensation CO2 Quebec allows companies to offset all or parts of their GHG emissions. Through this initiative of tree planting, Evive is committed to rebuilding a forest in an effort to reduce harmful emissions in our atmosphere.

More About Compensation CO2 Quebec

Compensation CO2 Quebec organizes reforestation projects that allow the creation of new forests. These new forests are located in southern Quebec. With these reforestation projects, it is possible to fully or partially offset harmful fossil fuel emissions. Thus, your participation in the creation of new forests will capture the emissions we want to offset and reduce the impact of future climate change!

We hope you’ll decide to help us achieve our goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2023. We’ve already made strides with our packaging that’s 100% recyclable and made fully of recycled materials, but we know there’s more work to do. Make a sustainable purchase decision by participating in Evive Plant A Tree.