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Dom and I always knew we wanted to partner with the major Canadian retailers, to have Evive on their shelves and be more accessible to all Canadians. Loblaws is one of those major partners that everyone dreams of getting into, we were no different!

Our journey began two years ago when Dom first had the opportunity to speak to the frozen buyer. We were so excited and hopeful!

Unfortunately, at that time, they decided that although we had a great business in Quebec that they weren’t ready to list us in their stores.

This moment gave us direction and motivated us to prove that we could be a Canadian success. We believed in ourselves, and we had to figure out how to get the major retailers to believe in us too!

Fast forward to one year ago, we started working with a sales strategy partner who said that we had to build a story that was based on data and facts, something no buyer could ignore!

With that advice, we bought our first and critical piece of data from Neilsen Canada and it showed us just exactly how successful we were! It opened up doors to be able to speak to buyers in their own language of sales, points of distribution and our position within the category.

We built the presentation on New Years’ Eve 2019 so that our broker partners at BNQ Brand Management could present Evive to the category directors at Loblaws the first day back from holiday break, January 2020.

Within a few weeks, we had a YES from Loblaws Company Limited to list our products in their stores across Canada!! 🤩


It was through many ups and downs — like multiple launch date push backs to going from thinking we would be in 100 stores to actually confirming over 400 stores across Canada — that we learned so many lessons about patience, perseverance and never giving up!

We’re excited to be here sharing this wonderful success with all of you as we’ve officially opened up 400 Loblaws stores almost 2 years to the day we first started this journey.

You can find us in most Superstores, Loblaws, Zerhs, ValuMarts, Your independent, Dominion, Maxi’s and Provigo in the organic frozen aisles!