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It’s in May 2015 that we first started taking Claudia’s smoothie recipes and putting them into frozen cubes.

Why did we do it? For Claudia, it was the desire to have a positive impact on the well-being of her community through accessible, healthy and nutritious food. For me, it was the adventure of entrepreneurship. We knew that our strong partnership could bring Claudia’s mission to life.

At the beginning, we prepared our frozen cubes for ourselves and the people around us like our parents and our friends. Then, friends of friends started to use and enjoy Evive, and before we knew it, what was our little side project became not only a serious business, but our life as a whole. We did not see our customers as simply numbers, we felt like we were building a real community that shared our values for a more rich and healthy lifestyle. Our passion became an obsession; elevating food to improve our community’s well-being.

Though we know Evive is founded on honest and solid grounds, we recently recalled one of our new products; the Immunity smoothie. We never wanted our customers to go through this, and for that, we are sorry beyond what words can express.

While we can assure you that our products are safe, we will improve our innovation processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Our smoothies are produced in facilities respecting industry’s best practices. Persistently, an external lab has tested all our incoming ingredients and finished products before they’re shipped out.

We are Evive first’s consumers; Claudia and I have an Evive smoothie every morning. Our parents, our sisters, our friends and the people closest to us also have a smoothie almost every morning. The Evive brand and our smoothies have reached you, and we fully acknowledge this privilege as well as this responsibility. People invite us into their homes, trust us with their well-being, and make space for our products in their daily lives.  We must honour that, especially in our R&D process and how we bring new products to life.

Knowing that we have failed some of you will remain one of the hardest days of this journey. In the last 6 years, you believed in our mission and proved that Evive could make a difference in people’s lives. We have learned from this experience, and we believe more than ever that Evive can transform people’s freezers into a healthy destination with true, organic and nutritious food.

To accomplish this, we are putting in the work to regain your trust.

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words in the last few days. It helped us more than you know. Our strong community is what fuels us.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Dominic & Claudia

For more information on the recall on the Immunity Smoothie, please click the link below:

To learn more about our factory’s certifications: HACCP, SQF certified