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The new special edition Bloom smoothie is available on our website! I cannot wait for you to experience this very special flavour that will be available for a limited time only. 

We are extremely proud that our first Evive smoothie that’s been developed in collaboration with a public figure is with none other than Karine Vanasse! The award-winning Canadian actress inspires us to unapologetically flourish as a woman while taking time for ourselves and our wellbeing. That’s why she was the perfect match for the Bloom flavour. Stay tuned for more exclusive details about Karine in the next few weeks on our blog… 😉

Made with juicy cherries, hibiscus, ground cherries and vegan probiotics, this smoothie will surely please you as much as Karine loved developing it with us. Another key person on our team who’s been involved in the innovation of our products is Caroline, our R&D Specialist. To give you guys a little bit more of an inclusive perspective on the making of Bloom, I hope you’ll enjoy this interview I had with Caroline.

Q1: What was the first initial thought process behind the creation of the Bloom smoothie?

For each new flavour, we like to select a new ingredient that would give it its unique personality, and in this case, the first inspiration was the cherry!

We always come up with lots of innovative ideas for our new flavour combinations. We enjoy thinking outside the box and aim to introduce new, healthy and delicious ingredients to our customers. We developed the concept of ​​giving this new smoothie a floral and very feminine angle.

After a good discussion about the direction of the flavour, I was back in my car, and I took a quick look at my Instagram stories before hitting the road. Claudia and Dominic were enjoying a wonderful trip to Hawaii, and the first image I saw when opening the App was a beautiful hibiscus flower that Claudia had posted. It magically clicked, and we began researching and testing ways to incorporate this ingredient that set the unique tone for our tropical cherry punch recipe.

Q2: How did you determine what was going to be the 3 main ingredients of this special smoothie?

Our wonderful ambassador, Karine Vanasse, wanted to add a tangy almost slightly sour taste to the smoothie. So I thought of incorporating the ground cherry into the trio of ingredients!

Q3: What were the challenges you experienced while developing Bloom?

The first challenge was to integrate the elements that would make it the perfect smoothie according to our nutritional goals and balance it all out without compromising our goals of creating a delicious blend that’s refreshing and bursting with flavour.

We’re continuously looking for healthy ingredients that are good sources of protein to increase the intake of each serving in order to provide a complete breakfast smoothie that’s rich and filling. To play the role in this case, we introduced chickpeas as an ally to non-GMO soy protein. For the first time, we included the addition of legumes in an Evive smoothie, which provides as a bonus an extra dose of fibre. I bet you wouldn’t have ever detected it while tasting! 😄

Another challenge we experienced required a lot of research and technical knowledge in order to find the best way to add a very small ingredient that has an immense health benefit… vegan probiotics!

Q4: What would you say is the most unique and surprising element of this smoothie?

The hibiscus and the ground cherries bring a nice surprise in terms of flavour and gives the smoothie its unique personality and refreshing character.

All that said, the most exciting and innovative feature of this recipe is hidden in all the little probiotic micro-capsules!! An almost invisible addition that provides each smoothie with the recommended daily amount of probiotics, which acts in synergy with the prebiotics naturally present in Bloom’s ingredients for a beneficial impact on your digestive health! A great health innovation for Evive!

Q5: Do you have any interesting anecdotes to share that happened during the creation of Bloom?

You know that there are many varieties and colours of hibiscus… At the start of the process when the idea was conceived, the first test I did was to grind some dried hibiscus flowers myself. It created a beautiful bright fuchsia/pink powder that was tantalizing, sweet and tangy to the taste. We began researching among our suppliers to find a source for this incredible ingredient. Along the way, we tested all the colours; blood red, brown, yellowish… with flavours and aromas that actually took us away from our dream smoothie! We were worried that we would never find the perfect source for this crucial ingredient. After tasting it, it was unthinkable to separate it from the recipe. We finally got our hands on THE ultimate source of hibiscus flowers that provides a super dreamy colour and unforgettable flavour!

I truly hope you guys enjoyed getting some insights about the inspiration and development process behind our new Bloom smoothie! 🍒 🌺 Please give it a taste while it’s still available! A special thank you to Caroline for this interview and to our lovely ambassador, Karine Vanasse. None of this would have been possible without all your hard work and creativity.