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Here at Evive, we’re all about innovation. Our mission is to create new, unique products that are truly healthy and convenient for your everyday life. You may already be familiar with our one-of-a-kind frozen smoothie cubes, but are you aware of all the wonderful ways you can use them in the kitchen? They’re actually extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways.

If you’re looking for recipes that are simple, quick, and nutritious, look no further! Here are 4 ways you never thought of using your Evive smoothie cubes!

1. Enhance your Favourite Homemade Smoothie Recipe

evive, evive smoothie, smoothie bowl
Photos by Odile

Okay so, you might already be a health nut who loves to make your own smoothie recipes at home – that’s wonderful, good for you! However, did you know that you could simply add a few Evive cubes to your recipe for an added boost of protein and superfoods? Each one of our smoothie blends contains whole fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and plant-based protein! Use them for a pop of colour and dose of nutrition to your own smoothies.

2. Bake up a Storm

evive, evive smoothie, pancakes, muffins, baking
Photos by Odile

Want to make yummy pancakes? How about choco-mocha muffins? The ideas are endless! You can even add them to boost your homemade granola recipe. Use your favourite smoothie cubes for a burst of freshness and flavour to a wide variety of baked homemade goods. Feel free to explore our blog for even more possibilities.

3. Level up your Beverage Game

evive, evive smoothie, coffe, dalgona coffee
Photos by Odile

Every so often, switching up the way you enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon coffee break can feel so good! Did you know you could make some super delicious caffeinated creations like a healthier version of an iced cappuccino or the trendy whipped Dalgona coffee with our smoothie cubes? You can also make some really delicious tropical mocktails – more on that coming soon!

4. Create Delicious Refreshing Treats

evive, evive smoothie, parfait, nicecream
Photos by Odile

Summertime is lovely for experimenting with delicious, refreshing treats. Easily make your very own popsicles, smoothie bowls, ice cream, and parfaits at home with the help of our frozen smoothie cubes! You can even get the whole family involved while you make your frozen creations. Customizing them with your favourite flavour combos will create beautifully coloured delights!

Whatever recipes you decide to make, don’t forget to share them with us! We love to see all the delicious ways you use your Evive smoothie cubes when you tag us (@evivesmoothie) + hashtag #evivesmoothie. Get inspired, get creative, and have fun!