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Raise your hands if you’re absolutely STOKED about this season’s beautiful weather! I’m sitting here, flailing my arms because I am thrilled with the amount of sun we’ve been getting!

Our little family is absolutely ready for this year’s summer season. We set up an inflatable pool (that my son adores!). We’ve been taking daily walks and creating pieces of sidewalk chalk art on our driveway. For our family, summer is all about spending time outside, splashing around, and indulging in yummy (and healthy!) kid-friendly snacks. Check out some of the snacks we’ve been munching on lately (psst: some of them use Evive smoothie blends, so be sure to use the code FABULOUSHABITS15 for $15 off your next box!).

1) Frozen Fruit

This is one of my simplest mom hacks – but super effective.

Rather than going for processed, sugar-filled popsicles and freeze pops, I wash and freeze fresh fruit for many of our afternoon snacks. It’s a quick solution that our family loves. On a hot summer day, nothing is more refreshing than a bowl full of yummy frozen fruits.

2) Trail Mix Buffet

Trail mixes really take me back to my childhood. When I was a Brownie (ie.: Girl Guide), we used to make our own trail mixes for nature walks. The experience always stuck with me and now, I do the same for my son.

I suggest building a “Trail Mix Buffet” for you and your little ones! Set up your kitchen counter with bowls of nuts, granola, raisins, shredded coconut, etc. You can then ask everyone to scoop their own servings so that they can create a personalized trail mix!

3) Banana Split with Evive Nice Cream

Photos by Lisa Favre

What’s summer without indulging in a delicious banana split? Some of my fondest memories are going to the local ice cream shop with my parents and sharing a huge banana split with them.

Today, I’ve got a delicious recipe for a healthy, homemade banana split – and it uses Evive smoothies! How cool is that?!

You’ll need:

– 1 Azteque wheel (or your choice of Evive flavour)
– 2 frozen bananas, sliced
– 3 tbsp almond milk
– 1 fresh banana
– Optional toppings: Canned pineapple pieces, dark chocolate chips, shredded coconut, natural peanut butter, etc.

Add smoothie cubes and frozen banana slices into a large bowl and thaw for 10 minutes.

Add to a blender or food processor, followed by almond milk. Pulse/blend until you achieve a thick, creamy consistency.

Cut a fresh banana in half, lengthwise and place on your serving plate.

Scoop the nice cream into the serving plate, right between your banana halves. Top with desired garnishes like pineapple pieces, chocolate chips, coconut and natural peanut butter.

4) Fruit Platter

As you can see, we’re all about fresh fruits when it comes to summer snacking. One of our family’s favourites is our take on a fruity “charcuterie” board.

Basically, I put in-season fruits on a large plate, with a small bowl of peanut butter in the center. I have so much fun with the set-up, and it’s pretty interactive for my toddler!

5) Frozen Fruit Cups

Photos by Lisa Favre

Sometimes, keeping little ones interested in food involves lots of creativity.

My frozen fruit cups are colourful and heart-shaped, so my little guy is always more inclined to snack on them!

To make frozen fruit cups, you’ll need:

– A heart-shaped silicone pan
– 1 ½ cups granola
– ¼ cup natural peanut butter
– 1 wheel of your favourite Evive flavour
– 240 ml of water
– ¼ cup of your favourite berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries

In a bowl, mix together granola and peanut butter.

Add granola mixture at the bottom of each heart-shaped section of your silicone pan. Pack down and spread it out – these will act as the base of your fruit cups.

In a bowl, allow the frozen Evive cubes and water to melt together. Mix thoroughly.

Evenly pour the Evive smoothie mixture into each section of the silicone pan. Top off with your favourite berries.

Freeze overnight and pop out of the moulds and serve!

We hope your family has a fun and healthy summer season! Out of these snacks, which ones do you think will be your kiddos’ faves?!

Don’t forget, if you use code FABULOUSHABITS15, you’ll get $15 off your next Evive box! Enjoy!