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Every so often, it feels good to shake things up! A good way to easily feel refreshed is to change something in your morning routine – whether that’d be incorporating a meditation session at the start of your day, trying a new morning workout, or attempting a new recipe for breakfast.

If you’re an Evive Smoothie regular, you’re already familiar with all our delicious flavours. However, did you know that you could mix our smoothie cube flavours to make new yummy combinations!? These 6 delicious and easy smoothie cube combos can easily be done by mixing 4 cubes of each flavour together + 240 ml of your favourite plant-based milk & then blending it up! Remember, if you’re going after a thicker texture to create a smoothie bowl, add 150 ml of plant-based milk instead.

Here are some of our favourite smoothie combos:

1. Viva + Saphir = Cotton Candy Dreams 🍬 (Laurie Doucet‘s favourite)
2. Pure + Touk-Touk = Tropical Coconut Burst 🥥
3. Cashew Mocha + Samouraï = Sweet Cherry Blossom 🌸
4. Asana + Blueberry Haskap = Açaí Berry Blast 🍇
5. Samouraï + Azteque = Chocolate Covered Strawberries 🍓
6. Yogi + Pure = Green Smoothie Queen 🥑
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Photos featuring the lovely Laurie Doucet 💕

Have you tried making some of your very own mixes? What are some of your favourite Evive smoothie flavour combinations? Don’t forget to share them with us! We love to see all the delicious ways you use your Evive smoothie cubes when you tag us (@evivesmoothie) + hashtag #evivesmoothie.