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If you’re new to the Evive Smoothie world, then you probably asked yourself how to prepare the most delicious smoothie possible with these unique frozen smoothie cubes! Our smoothies are already complete as is, but sometimes you might feel like adding your own little twist to them with some extra ingredients. We often offer suggestions on which fruits and liquid bases go best with our smoothie flavours, but nothing is better than getting information straight from the source! We asked our customers, and as usual, they weren’t short of providing their top favourite Evive smoothie recipes.

If you’re looking for the ultimate creamy, thick, and smooth texture, then use a blender. If you’re in a hurry or looking for a quick smoothie prep, then add enough liquid to cover the cubes in a bottle, let melt for about 20 minutes, and shake!

💡Special Tip: Pass the wheel under warm water for a few seconds to easily pop out the cubes.

Images by Odile JP
  1. Viva cubes + 1/2 a banana + oat milk = wholesome pink smoothie
  2. Azteque cubes + 1/2 a banana + chocolate flavoured almond milk = delicious dessert smoothie
  3. Saphir cubes + unsweetened coconut milk + plant-based yogurt + handful of fresh raspberries = naturally sweet purple smoothie
  4. Asana cubes + vanilla plant-based yogurt + vanilla almond milk = antioxidant vanilla smoothie
  5. Touk-Touk cubes + coconut water = tropical smoothie
  6. 2 Azteque cubes + 2 Cashew Mocha cubes + chocolate soy milk = healthier iced cappuccino 
  7. Yin cubes + oat milk = comforting chaï smoothie
  8. Yogi cubes + plant-based yogurt + spinach + mango = green power smoothie
  9. Samouraï cubes + raspberries + hemp seeds + oat milk = delicious berry smoothie
  10. Mango Passion cubes + chia seeds + unsweetened coconut milk = sunshine in a cup 🌞

I hope you’ll give these smoothie recipes a try! And, of course, don’t be afraid to modify them to your liking.