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While the weather is still super hot, why not take advantage of preparing delicious and healthy summer treats? These Viva and Asana berry popsicles are delightful and super easy to make! I hope you’ll treat yourself and your loved ones to this healthier version of a classic summertime dessert. 🍇 💗

Photos by Erb & Spice


– 1 Viva smoothie
– 1 Asana smoothie
– 2 cups nut milk or water 
– 1/2 cup berries 
– Melted vegan chocolate 
– Crushed almonds


1. Blend the smoothie cubes with the berries. You can do each flavour separately with 1 cup of liquid or together with 2 cups of liquid. 

2. Place fresh fruit in the popsicle moulds and pour the smoothie over top.

3. Freeze for 12-24 hours.

4. Once frozen, drizzle with chocolate and crushed almonds.

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