Although Evive smoothies are perfect for busy mornings, it always feels good to take care of yourself in the morning with pancakes. What could be better than a recipe for vegan pancake, ready with only 7 ingredients in 15 minutes?

I revisited my usual pancake recipe by adding Veggemo vegetable milk and an Evive Yogi smoothie wheel. The idea of adding a little “greens” to a tasty breakfast pleased me, but the result is even more pleasing to me! It doesn’t taste like vegetables and the colour is beautiful.




    • 1 Evive Yogi wheel


    • 1 ¼ of flour (or
      whole grain/whole wheat if desired)


    • 2 tablespoons coconut (or cane) sugar


      • 1 tablespoon baking powder
        a pinch of salt


      •  1 tablespoon vegetable oil


    •  1 cup of no sugar added Veggemo milk



Evive pancakeThe steps

1 . Unmould the Yogi wheel and let the cubes melt in a bowl.

2 . In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.

3 . Crush the melted Yogi cubes with a fork to purée them. Add the oil and Veggemo milk. Mix well.

4 . Stir in wet ingredients to dry ingredients, but do not overmix pancakes mixture.

5 . Preheat your stove (preferably non-stick) to medium heat for a few minutes, then lower your heat slightly, oil your stove and cook your pancakes. When bubbles begin to appear and the edges are slightly golden, turn your pancake over, about 2-3 minutes on each side.

Why make your Pancake with Veggemo? Because they are different vegetable milks, they are nuts-free, soy-free, gluten-free and have a very rich and creamy texture. If you want to use them for other recipes they share them on Facebook and Instagram.

We love adding them to our smoothies bowls, but after testing this recipe for pancakes, you will certainly be delighted!

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