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As the summer season is sadly coming to an end, most of our grocery lists are beginning to be filled with back to school basics. Barbecue’s high season is gone, and our cupboards are slowly beginning to be filled with healthy snacks for the whole family. However, just because the summer break is over, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather! And what better way to cool off after a warm late summer day than with a healthy vegan fruit popsicle?! I’m sure the little people in your life would agree ⁠— and better yet, you can even make your own!

As you know from our previous blog posts, there are many delicious vegan recipes that can be made with all our smoothie flavours. So, here’s a healthy fruit popsicle recipe that the whole family is sure to enjoy. And don’t worry mom – you can rest assured that these popsicles are made with 100% whole fruits and vegetables with zero added sugars. With our unique frozen smoothie cubes, you can create homemade vegan popsicles that are organic, free of GMOs or any artificial flavours! 

Get started and make your own healthy & yummy popsicle recipe

You’ll Need:

  • Assortment of Evive Smoothie wheels; we suggest minimum 3 different flavours, like Saphir, Azteque, and Viva
  • Water
  • Popsicle moulds (find the ones we used in our photos here)

Make Your Own Healthy Vegan Fruit Popsicles


1) Pop the frozen Evive smoothie cubes in separate bowls

2) Add 240 ml of water to each bowl and let the cubes melt

3) When everything is melted, stir well with a fork to ensure the liquids are properly mixed together

4) Pour mixtures separately into your popsicle moulds

5) Place into freezer for 24 hours and enjoy the next day!

These healthy popsicles are not only great as an after-school snack, but they can also make for a yummy breakfast depending on the serving of your popsicle moulds!

For another great and easy breakfast idea that can be made with our smoothie cubes, click here!