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From developing smoothie flavours in my parents’ kitchen to becoming the first-ever frozen smoothie cubes and #1 smoothie brand in Canada, we couldn’t be prouder to share an easy, quick, and nutritious breakfast option with thousands of people on a daily basis. 

It’s so funny to think that not that long ago, Dom used to cut the cubes by hand and pack them loosely in a bag! Our wheels are probably our best innovation as they allow you to save space in your freezer, portion-size, and ensure that the cubes don’t clump up together during transportation. 

Whether you recently discovered our products in your grocery store, or just ordered your very first box, this article will give you all the steps to get the very best out of your Evive smoothie taste-testing journey!

Before you get started, we always recommend that you run your smoothie wheel under water for a few seconds. It makes it so much easier to pop the cubes out!

Make your smoothie WITHOUT a blender

  1. Pop all the cubes in a bottle, a mason jar or your Evive shaker.
  2. Cover the cubes with 240 ml of your liquid of choice (we recommend plant-based milk or water) and close the lid.
  3. Let thaw for a few minutes & shake vigorously (play your favourite song while you do it!).

How to Make an Evive Smoothie

Make your smoothie WITH a blender

  1. Pop the cubes in your blender.
  2. Cover the cubes with 240 ml of your liquid of choice (check out all our liquid recommendations for inspo!). 
  3. Close the lid and blend away.

How to Make an Evive Smoothie

Need a few tips to get your ultimate smoothie texture? Here are some suggestions:

Refreshing Smoothie (juice-like texture): 1 Evive wheel + 240 ml of water or juice

Creamy Smoothie (healthy milkshake): 1 Evive wheel + half a frozen banana + 240 ml of plant-based milk

Smoothie Bowl (add your fave toppings!): 1 Evive wheel + 150 ml of plant-based milk
Pssst!: If you’re looking to make a thick and creamy smoothie bowl, check out our fave tips and tricks

Whichever preparation method you prefer to use, don’t forget the last and most important step of all: enjoy EVERY SINGLE SIP of your Evive smoothie!