The summer season is finally upon us and coffee lovers are turning more and more towards their favourite icy beverage: the iced cappuccino.

Capuccino glacé

Great taste and good for your health?

Among the many choices of frozen cappuccinos on the market, commercial iced coffees remain a must. Indulgent and sweet, they have carved a place in the hearts of consumers but what’s the impact on their health?

After a study was conducted on the show l’Épicerie*, Geneviève O’Gleman, affirms that a commercial iced cappuccino contains about 16 sugar packets, which amounts to a quarter of our total recommended daily calorie intake. Therefore it’s safe to say that they are among the top products that are highest in fat.

In addition, the vast majority of cafes do not offer options for vegans. Even for people intolerant to lactose so who would like to enjoy this frozen drink.

 Iced cappuccino

Evive to the rescue!

In the hopes to offer you a frozen cappuccino that’s 100% vegan and as healthy as possible, we have concocted a simple recipe that was inspired and prepared by YouTuber and entrepreneurial mother, Vicky Fortin. The featured flavor in this homemade, sugar-free, and protein-packed cappuccino is our Azteque chocolate smoothie.

How to make the homemade iced cappuccino with Evive’s Azteque Smoothie?

  1. Brew the coffee of your choice.
  1. Let the coffee cool, pour it into an ice cube maker and freeze. You can also use an empty Evive plastic smoothie cube wheel if you wish.
  1. Put 6 iced coffee cubes and a full wheel of our Azteque smoothie in a blender and add the vegan milk of your choice. Pour the desired amount depending on your preferred texture.
  1. Drop the final result into your Evive Smoothie Mason Jar and enjoy!


There you have it! You get a yummy iced beverage that lets you spoil yourself in moderation! We hope that this recipe is useful and that you can integrate it into your daily routine, in addition to your healthy diet.

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To see Vicky’s demonstration, go to her Instagram video.

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