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Imagine having a breakfast that’s yummy, protein-packed, and ready in 30 seconds? I’m so happy to introduce Evive’s Orange Peach smoothie! This new smoothie was shown during our first ever pre-sale, and it was such a hit that we decided to keep it as our 10th official flavour! The Orange Peach smoothie is special from the others because it contains an extra boost of protein. All our smoothies from the Energizing Line contain between 6 to 10 grams of protein, but our Orange Peach smoothie contains a total of 18 grams of protein! Ideal for gym junkies, avid yogis, professional athletes, or any kind of fitness lover, the Orange Peach smoothie will allow you to kiss your protein powder goodbye! 💪

For anyone new to the Evive Smoothie family, we have a promotion right now until November 28th, 2019. On your first order, use code EXTRAPROTEIN and you’ll receive 2 free smoothies in your box! Since the two additional free smoothies are our Yin and Orange Peach flavours, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to provide you with a great protein-packed smoothie bowl recipe using these two flavours!

Yin & Orange Peach Protein-Packed Smoothie Bowl

Half of a Yin Smoothie (3.5 g of protein) + Half of an Orange Peach Smoothie (9 g of protein) + Oat Milk (approx. 3 g of protein) = 15.5 g of protein! 🤩

– 4 cubes of the Orange Peach Evive Smoothie
– 4 cubes of the Yin Evive Smoothie
– 200-250 ml of oat milk (oat milk provides a rich texture, but feel free to use the liquid of your choice!) 
– Toppings such as granola, oats, pumpkin seeds, slices of apples or any other fruit of
your choice


  1. Using a blender is optional:
  • Option with a blender: Place the 8 cubes in the blender with the oat milk. Blend until texture is homogenous.
  • Option without a blender: Place the 8 cubes in a mason jar with the oat milk. Let melt for 20 minutes. Shake well.

2. Pour smoothie mixture into a bowl

3. Add almonds, apple slices, and any other of your favourite toppings 

I hope you’ll like our new Orange Peach smoothie just as much as I do! My wish is that this flavour will help you easily enjoy a protein-packed breakfast. 🧡