When you think about preparing a dessert to share, you often imagine yourself with lots of utensils and ingredients scattered throughout the kitchen… Yet, it’s so easy to prepare quick desserts in three steps!

This recipe for Chia Pudding with maple water and Evive smoothie cubes is the perfect dessert because, in addition to being naturally sweet, it is nutritious and contains a ton of electrolytes. In fact, the only sweetener used here is Maple 3 water, a local company that produces 100% organic maple water with no added sugar.

Samourai smoothie chia pudding with Maple 3 water

Evive pudding


● 1 Evive Samourai puck

1 bottle of Maple 3 water (330 ml)

● ½ cup of chia seeds

The steps

1 . In a high-speed mixer, mix together the smoothie Samourai and maple water.

2 . Transfer the smoothie to a pot and incorporate the chia seeds by mixing them as you go along.

Let the chia seeds absorb the liquid from the smoothie for about 15 minutes, while stirring here and there, or until the chia pudding takes shape.

3. Serve as is or with your favourite vegetable yogurt and granola.


Maple 3 is a beautiful Canadian company whose mission is to inspire people to adopt an active lifestyle based on natural hydration. It offers superior quality spring water. You can find out more about maple water through their Instagram account or their Facebook page.

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