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With 15 different flavours available online, you can enjoy a totally different smoothie every day. Did you know that you could even create new smoothie flavours with your Evive cubes? Mixing 2 different flavours together can give you so many new and exciting options! Here are some of the team’s most delicious Evive smoothie cube combos.

We love to mix & match smoothies from our Energizing line with cubes from our Extra Protein line to enhance our protein intake. All Extra Protein smoothies contain 15 to 18 g of protein per wheel, while our Energizing line contains 6 to 10 g.

The Most Delicious Evive Smoothie Cube Combos

Touk-Touk + Passion Mango

The ideal combo on those gloomier and colder days. Every sip will remind you of summer.

Mix it up with coconut water or unsweetened almond milk. If you prefer to use a blender, you could even add a handful of frozen mangoes.

The Most Delicious Evive Smoothie Cube Combos

Asana + Blueberry Haskap

A berry-licious combo! An absolute go-to whatever the mood.

Simply mix with your favourite plant-based milk (I like oat milk). That could even be a great combo to make a delicious nice cream recipe!

The Most Delicious Evive Smoothie Cube Combos

Azteque + Cashew Mocha

The perfect combo to satisfy that chocolate craving no matter the time of day!

Add a splash of cashew milk to the mix and voilà! Serve this as a smoothie bowl and top with slices of strawberries and bananas: it’ll taste just like your fave iced chocolate dessert!

Wondering how you could create your own delicious smoothie cube combo?

Have a look at the ingredients list of each flavour. Even though all our smoothies are different from one another, some have main ingredients that pair perfectly together. 
That’s also a great tip if you like to mix your cubes with juice, yogurt or frozen fruits!

Our last and most important tip: Have fun with it! Don’t hesitate to send us your creations and share them on social media. If you do, feel free to tag us (@evivenutrition) so we can see them!