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The end of the year is quickly approaching, and so is the busy time of the year where some of us may be lost with the healthy snack options we have for our kids and ourselves in order to keep our immune systems in check. 

Today on the Evive blog, we’re going to breakdown whether common fruit snacks such as apple sauce or fruit cups are actually as nutritious as they claim to be. Pssst! 🙊 Read on for a surprise at the end of my article! 🎁

Is your kids’ apple sauce really that healthy? 🍎

Many of us may pack our kids a quick snack like an apple sauce packet, instead of something as truly wholesome and nourishing. This low fibre and low protein snack can increase their blood sugar imbalance, which can then cause headaches, irritability, stubbornness, low energy and the craving for more sugar.

Not to mention, a single apple sauce cup contains such low nutrients, that it doesn’t make it the best snack for us to choose when we need to be alert and well-nourished throughout the day. When comparing an apple sauce cup to Evive’s Yin smoothie, we can see a huge gap in the nutritional factor.

The protein content is also extremely low in the apple sauce cup, which makes it impossible to feel full after the snack. Protein not only helps us feel fuller for longer, but it also is vital for bone and muscle health and digestion to only name a few. The apple sauce only contains 0.2 grams of protein! The Yin smoothie has an incredible 7 grams per wheel, meaning, we could have this for breakfast and feel satisfied after. Pea protein and chia protein are what make up most of the 7 grams aside from the delicious vegetables that are also in the smoothie. And what’s even better is that if you add vegetable milk such as soy, almond, or oat milk, the total amount of protein increases even more! It’s a win-win situation!

An apple sauce cup normally has only 1 gram of fibre, whereas the Yin smoothie has 3 grams. Fibre is crucial for our bodies to remove toxins and protect our overall health. Apples are an incredible source of fibre, but when processed so heavily, it leaves us with the bare minimum. 

Lastly, I wanted to touch upon the sugar content in both of these snacks. The apple sauce cup has 22 grams (4.4 teaspoons) of sugar, which is mainly coming from the added sugar in the cup, rather than the apple itself. Apple sauces usually also contain artificial flavours in there to amp up the flavour of the apple. This is something we need to be extremely cautious of because artificial flavours can contribute to an array of health conditions. In the Yin Evive smoothie, there are only 14 grams of sugar for the entire wheel. This natural sugar is only coming from organic fruits and vegetables. 

The benefits of frozen organic fruits VS fruit snacks packed with preservatives 🥫

Evive’s smoothies are only made with organic frozen fruits and vegetables. Contrary to popular belief, frozen vegetables are actually so much more nutrient-dense than fresh fruits and vegetables. Once the produce freezes, it holds all of its nutrients in. Whereas with fresh product, we start to lose nutrients every single day until it is eaten. This means you are actually getting way more nutrients from the organic fruits and vegetables in the Evive smoothies than from the grocery store through fresh produce.

The fruits and vegetables in the grocery store were picked before they were ripe, which means that their nutrient content is already really low. Organic fruits and veggies are picked at their most optimal time and then frozen to create Evive smoothies. We should keep in mind that apple sauces need preservatives in order to stay fresh. Since they aren’t frozen, the apples would go brown immediately. Unfortunately, to fix this issue, brands commonly use artificial preservatives that will actually harm our health more than the brown apple itself.

Top it all off with cinnamon! ☺️

Cinnamon is one of my favourite spices! It’s warming and packs a little punch as well. Adding cinnamon to our foods can help our body regulate blood sugar levels better as it can lower our insulin levels. Cinnamon may also be able to lower cholesterol levels. Gratefully, the Yin Smoothie already contains cinnamon! 

Evive smoothies are a delicious and nutritious snack option to swap for many other advertised kids’ snacks for school. They’re also a great option for all of us who need some extra nutrients and may be in a rush in the mornings to plan a healthy breakfast or lunch snack! 

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