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It’s finally summertime, which means more coloured produce is in season! I personally like to encourage all of my clients to shop in season, and summer makes it that much easier. Are you aware of all the benefits of eating the rainbow? We often hear how important our leafy greens are, but that’s not the only colour you want to be consuming! Each colour of the food we eat actually serves a nutritional purpose. The colours allow us to understand what antioxidants and benefits are in the vegetable and fruit.

Let’s break it down into 3 categories: red, green, and orange.

Red🌶️ 🍓🍅

Red and pink pigmented fruits and vegetables like red peppers, raspberries, and tomatoes are high in the antioxidants lycopene and anthocyanins. These are known for protecting the heart and killing off free radicals! Lycopene can also be super beneficial to men who struggle with prostate health. Red containing fruits and vegetables are also a great source of quercetin, which is important for those who have allergies. Quercetin can help reduce allergic reactions, even for those with seasonal allergies, so make sure to add a few strawberries into your diet if you struggle with allergies!

Also, keep in mind that the more pigmented a vegetable or fruit is, the higher the antioxidant capacity is! Think about how careful you have to be with beets! They are super pigmented and because of that, their nutrient capacity is so high! Evive’s Samouraï has to be one of my absolute favourite smoothies, and you will know this if you watch my stories over at @nourishwithjass! This blend of beautiful deep reds ensures that I am getting in all of the phytonutrients I need to boost my energy, support my iron intake and feel satiated. Plus, it’s super delicious!


Green vegetables like spinach, kale and celery are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E, folate and fibre. Green vegetables are also super high in potassium, and yes, you can get potassium from other sources than bananas. All vegetables are a great source of potassium, so if you do eat tons of veggies, just make sure to also add in some sea salt into the diet so you can balance out the two correctly. Pure and Yogi from Evive are the most perfect green smoothies you will ever come across! Did you know they are low in sugar and only made with the most real and raw ingredients? That’s a huge YES for me! I incorporate Pure into my diet at least twice a week because it truly just makes me feel so good!


We all know that orange and yellow coloured fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamin C, but did you know there were so many other benefits? Due to their deep pigmentation, orange coloured produce can be a great boost for eye and heart health. These powerful pops of colour can help reduce inflammation as they are filled with tons of incredible vitamins and antioxidants. These delicious fruits and veggies can also reduce free radicals in the body. Lastly, orange fruits and vegetables help with collagen formation. In order for collagen to be utilized in the body, it needs vitamin C to facilitate absorption. So, if you are taking a collagen supplement, make sure to add an orange-rich smoothie, like Evive’s Mango Passion or Orange Peach into your day!

I always recommend that my clients have at least two different colours of vegetables on their plate each day. This helps you get nutrients from a wide range of delicious produce to promote healthy bodies. Plus, your plate will look a lot happier with a few more colours in there! If you don’t know where to start, I would recommend an Evive smoothie as mentioned above or you could even start with a simple salad mixed with tons of vegetables! 

The next time you are at the grocery store, ask yourself what other colours you can add to your cart. Make grocery shopping more fun and easy!