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The recent launch of Evive’s Orange Peach smoothie has really got me thinking more about the benefits of protein. We tend to think of protein as a macronutrient that we get maybe at lunch and certainly at dinner time, but it’s something we can easily neglect for breakfast. Since this 10th official flavour has 18 g of protein per serving, it’s a great way to easily get your dose of protein in the morning! Still a skeptic about the benefits of protein? Here’s what 3 amazing ladies had to say about the benefits of integrating protein in their every meal – even breakfast!

Holistic Nutritionist:

“As a Holistic Nutritionist, I think it’s really important to incorporate a complete protein into every single one of our meals because it really allows us to feel fuller and stronger during the day. Protein helps to fuel our muscles, but it also helps to give power to our brain and gut, which is so vital in keeping us going throughout the day.💪 Protein helps to stabilize our blood sugar levels, which is why it can help to keep us fuller for longer. A stabilized blood sugar will reduce the chances of us experiencing headaches, fatigue or lack of focus when at work, school or on the weekend.

Personally, I love incorporating plant-based proteins like lentils, chickpeas, tempeh, whole grains and the protein-packed Evive smoothies into my daily routine! That boost in protein helps to keep me on point during the day and allows me to stay focused and aligned with my clients. An added bonus with plant-based protein is that it’s also predominantly high in fibre, which aids in blood sugar balance and removing toxins from the body, so it’s a win-win!” – Jass Stupak, Nourish With Jass

Busy Mother:

“Being a mother of 2 children, I don’t always take the time to eat in the morning because it’s madness at home. I recently had digestive problems and was feeling so tired. I was advised to consume more protein in all my meals since our bodies need it to create digestive enzymes. I feel like my digestion and energy level have improved. Obviously, the fatigue related to being a working mom won’t disappear anytime soon.😅

Now that I’ve discovered Evive, it’s crazy that I don’t have to choose anymore between preparing my kids for school in the morning and getting in a nutritious and protein-packed breakfast.” Jennifer

The Benefits Of Protein In Your Every Meal - Even Breakfast!

Fitness Lover:

“Being very active, I have to make sure I consume enough protein on a daily basis. This helps me to not only maintain my muscle mass but also prevents the loss of muscle. When my protein intake is low, my body can compensate by taking amino acids (proteins are made of amino acids) from my skeletal muscles for vital body functions.

I love Evive’s new extra-protein flavour because it gives me 18 g of complete protein while bringing me 3 servings of fruits and vegetables in less than 30 seconds of prep. 😉” – Michelle

Hopefully, this article helps you become more conscious of integrating protein in your every meal. It certainly did for me! Oh! And if you’d like to try our Orange Peach Extra Protein Smoothie, here’s a sweet promo we’re currently running until November 28th, 2019!