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This year, Evive Smoothie decided to launch a special contest called 1 Year of Wellness. The theme of the contest was “Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat!” These 3 core elements—eating well, being active on a daily basis, and getting a sufficient good night’s rest—help us feel emotionally and physically balanced. We know that wellness is all about balance. However, the mission of living a happy and healthy life can easily get lost with our hectic lifestyles. That’s why it’s so important to take a step back, reflect, and analyze our day-to-day habits with an objective perspective.

Wellness is at the core of Evive’s values, and it’s what pushes us to continue doing what we do. So, we created this contest with the hopes to positively impact someone’s life and complement their journey to a very balanced and happy lifestyle. In addition, it was important for us to partner with Canadian brands, since we are a Canadian company. We were excited to showcase these amazing brands and influencers to our 30,000 satisfied customers! They were truly the ones to inspire 1 Year of Wellness – “Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat!”

Here’s more about what the contest entails:

One lucky participant will win:

?One Year Supply of Evive Smoothie for your busy mornings Evive Smoothie (12 boxes, value of $1080)
?$1,175 Gift Card from MissFresh for your healthy meals
?️ $800 Gift Card from Rug & Weave to redecorate your bedroom
?One Year Fitness Membership with the lovely Johanna Sophia on her amazing GoDaily platform 

All of these prizes can help improve the winner integrate healthy eating, exercise, and rest into their daily lives! The prize’s value is also meant to last throughout an entire year! Which explains why the contest is 1 Year of Wellness!

We’re honestly so excited for the winner to be chosen and announced on September 11th. If you’d like to participate, easily sign up by clicking here! In addition, if you share the contest link, you’ll get an extra chance to win!

We really hope that this contest will help you guys maximize your well-being!

Best of luck to all the participants!!


The Evive Team