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Since the beginning of Evive, Claudia and I’s parents have been hyper present. By lending us their kitchen and garage for our first production, by participating in most of our events and launches until 2018 – they’ve been so supportive!

With the team in place today, the opportunities to catch shooting star opportunities are less frequent, but my father remains on the lookout. He sends me all the articles that can impact Evive – big or small.

He shared an article with me last April that started a big project at Evive. A new company from Asbestos launched the world’s first hemp fiber insulation. The idea of ​​creating a compostable shipping box was born.

I visited Asbestos for the first time in my life last Fall, and the Evive team and our new partners started the research and development to integrate this unique insulator into our shipping boxes. It wasn’t a small feat since our requirements vary depending on the season, and we have to deliver frozen products all the way to Vancouver!

A few months later, we’re officially launching this compostable insulator box this week, and I’m so happy to bring to view an insulator that you can simply put in your garden. Like a banana peel, it’s an envelope for your smoothies that will quickly return to nature.

We’re proud to work with a local company from Asbestos and revitalize its economy in our own way.

More than ever, forming local partnerships and buying local is our duty.