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Preparing healthy recipes is wonderful, but doing it for someone you love is even better! Surprise your loved ones with a delicious fruity recipe during brunch!

This recipe is as vibrant in colour as it is sweet in taste and will take you only a few minutes to prepare! Take this opportunity to spoil your loved ones!

Here’s how to make our Strawberry Banana Chia Parfait:

Makes approximately 2 servings


– 1/4 cup of white chia seeds
– 1 cup of vegan yogurt
– 2 Evive Viva smoothie wheels


1. Place the vegan yogurt in a glass and add the chia seeds inside and let rest for 10
2. Let your Viva smoothie cubes melt in a second glass for 20 minutes
3. Mash the cubes with a fork
4. Add the chia seeds to the Viva coulis
5. Separate the coulis in 2 different glasses
6. Add 1/4 cup of yogurt to one of the glasses containing the Viva coulis and stir to
obtain a lighter colour
7. Pour the mixture into the glass containing the vegan yogurt to create a second layer
8. Pour the second glass with the Viva coulis and the chia seeds on top!
9. Add a piece of strawberry or pitaya on the edge of the glass to decorate

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If you are a mother, then from the entire Evive team, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy!