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We’ve been really lucky this year with the awesome summer weather! A hot, sunny, gorgeous summer in the city calls for one thing in particular – ice cream!! Ice cream is an essential staple for summertime, and although most of our summer vacays are coming to an end, doesn’t mean we can’t make a delicious ice cream float recipe!

As you know, we launched a new Evive Smoothie flavour – the Saphir! Its gorgeous blue hues and refreshing, naturally sweet taste are super popular among our 30,000+ clients. We adore our clients, so to further celebrate them and the Saphir smoothie, we created a Saphir Ice Cream Float video on our Evive YouTube channel! Go ahead and check it out here before you make the recipe below.

Evive Smoothie Saphir Ice Cream Float Recipe


  • 1 Saphir Evive Smoothie wheel
  • 2 frozen bananas, in pieces
  • A sparkling beverage: kombucha, sparkling coconut water, flavoured sparkling water or sparkling juice (ex: San Pellegrino)

Saphir Ice Cream Float


1) Place bananas and pound cubes in the container of a high-speed blender or food processor. Wait about 5 minutes before mixing to let everything melt slightly, so you will not need to add any liquid at the time of mixing.

2) Mix until you get creamy texture without over mixing (otherwise you will have a thick smoothie and not an ice cream texture). You can mix a little bit at a time and scratch the sides with a spatula.

3) Arrange the balls of “ice cream” in a glass and pour in your sparkling drink.

4) Serve immediately and enjoy!

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