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In July, we launched our new special edition Bloom smoothie with the wonderful Karine Vanasse. We are extremely proud that our first Evive smoothie that’s been developed in collaboration with a public figure is with none other than Karine Vanasse! The award-winning Canadian actress inspires us to unapologetically flourish as women while taking time for ourselves and our well-being. That’s why she was the perfect match for Bloom.

Made with juicy cherries, hibiscus, ground cherries and vegan probiotics, Bloom will surely please you as much as Karine loved developing it with us. If you haven’t already, make sure you experience this incredible flavour that’s available for a limited time only!

1. What made you want to collaborate with Evive?

It’s been part of my routine for several years now. I was sold on the concept and the quality of the products already since my training for Blue Moon. It’s a habit that I’ve had for several years and that I’ve kept even while being pregnant and after my childbirth. Having fresh food that’s accessible at all times was super convenient as well during the quarantine.

2. What is the meaning behind the name of the Bloom smoothie? What does Bloom represent to you?

To me, Bloom represents blossoming, blooming – symbolically representing growth. But above all, it represents the desire to take care of one’s own well-being; which in turn allows us to be at our state of maximum potential.

Start with yourself, and then share your gifts to the world with gentle kindness.

3. Which part of the collaboration did you enjoy the most?

Discovering and meeting the Evive team and getting the confirmation of what I already felt from this company: the real desire to help people live a healthier life, to support people to maintain a balanced lifestyle through the means of truly high-quality products.

4. What was your favourite moment during the Bloom photoshoot?

The pictures with Claudia 😊. In the workplace environment, solidarity is important. I felt a joint pride in presenting a product with the conviction that it can make a difference in people’s lives.

5. What have been some of your greatest life accomplishments?

The collaborations created with my entourage, which last over time, personally and professionally. No longer doing what people would like me to do, but doing what I truly want and believe in. To have the chance to be surrounded with enough solidity to be able to have a discussion and make decisions that are closer to my values.

These would be, I think, my greatest accomplishments.

6. What does your wellness routine look like? Do you have specific rituals?

I would like to say that it never changes, but that’s not the reality!! It evolves over time, according to what’s happening in my life. Nowadays, I think I’m more at peace with accepting that it changes. I remain open to adopting new routines to make myself feel better, which I also enjoy remaining curious about. Even so, I do have a foundation that remains which I’ve acquired: drinking lots of water, and my skincare regimen. Good digestive health is important to me too and I’m happy to be talking about it with Bloom. The gut is the second brain, we’re starting to become more aware of this reality, but I’m proud to be able to bring this information forward!

7. How do you consume your Bloom smoothie?

In the morning, or as a late afternoon reward!

It seems this flavour helps wake me up – and my taste buds too! 😊

This summer, I’ve been adding water to it, but this fall I’ll be consuming it more with plant-based milk. I’ll definitely stock up before it’s gone!!

Thank you so much, Karine, for this incredible interview. I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to collaborate with you for the Bloom smoothie!