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Evive’ Co-Founder, Claudia Poulin, took a few moments to share her personal routine and explain how she was able to have a successful business that helps so many people to feel nourished every day while not losing touch with her own well-being.

1. Knowing that harmony is part of Evive’s values, how do you apply it to your daily life? What is your morning routine?

To avoid any distractions, my cell phone is in airplane mode until my routine ends. I begin every morning with a 15-minute meditation to center myself before going into the hustle and bustle of the day. While still on an empty stomach, I like to activate my body with a run or yoga session following my meditation. Then, I’ll break my fast and enjoy my hydrating smoothie while getting a boost of vitamins and protein.

This routine allows me to start my day harmoniously before going jumping into work or facing the different challenges of everyday life. I find it easier to refocus during the day when I start on this base. What’s great is that when stressful situations happen, I find it’s easier to deal with them. I can take a step back and calm myself down, in order to successfully get through it.

2. Making healthy eating accessible has certainly shaped your life and business. What are some elements in your personal eating habits that you can’t live without?

I decided a few years ago, 6 years ago to be exact, to adopt a vegan diet. My goal was to improve my well-being and be more aware of what I was consuming. I quickly adapted to this lifestyle, and I’ve also developed habits that I can’t skip now! For example, a few things I make sure to always have in my fridge are as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible (especially kale, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and bananas!), vegetable protein like tempeh or lentils, nutritional yeast, plant-based milk (I love unsweetened oat milk), nuts (especially cashews and walnuts) and of course Evive smoothies because I drink them every day!

3. It’s obvious from your Instagram page that you’re an avid yogi! How has yoga affected your personal wellness?

Yoga has really changed my life! It seems cliché, but I can’t skip it because it really affects my mood hehe! That being said, it’s now been over 10 years since I discovered yoga, and not only do I practice the asanas (physical postures), but also the yogic way of life, meaning mindfulness, non-violence, meditation, etc. I like to do my yoga practice by myself at home, which is ideal for the current global challenge we’re all facing. However, before the COVID-19 outbreak, I enjoyed going to yoga class a few times a week at the Wanderlust studio in Montreal.

4. You have been open about your attachment to spirituality and meditation. Do you have a meditation routine?

I started meditation following my introduction into the world of yoga about 4 years ago. For me, it’s a way of refocusing, releasing any stagnant energy, and concentrating on my breath once a day. Most of the time, I do a daily meditation for about 15 minutes before I begin my day in my living room on my meditation cushion. Sometimes, it’ll be after my yoga session. Ideally, it’s best to meditate in silence, but in certain contexts, I put on soft meditation music to help me center myself. In the future, I’d like to do the Vipassana meditation course, which consists of 10 days of silent meditation.

Being an entrepreneur with their own business, it’s expected that you’ll go through many ups and downs, face lots of challenges and the unknown. During the first 2 years of Evive, it was emotionally demanding. I quickly realized that I had to find a balance, otherwise it would be a long journey — and we know that the path is all the more important as the destination. So I had to find tricks and habits that would support my well-being. I had times when I had to force myself and make an extra effort to exercise, for example, or to make space in my schedule for a yoga session that did not fit into the countless work hours that we’ve planned in a week.

All in all, my experience till now with Evive has allowed me to know myself better, recognize my limits, know how to put things into perspective, and to practice detachment. My well-being remains in my top priorities, and it’s with the consistent effort that I put in every day that allows me to realistically maintain a balance and evolve as a person. Now, more than ever, it’s essential that we all take the time to focus our attention on our well-being and do what is being asked of us, to stay home, for the sake of our community.