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For Evive’s 4th anniversary in 2019, Claudia and I decided to start the Plant a Tree initiative – where we contribute to planting new forests. To implement this project, we proudly partnered with Compensation CO2 Québec.

Compensation CO2 Québec is formed of forestry and environmental professionals. The team ensures the implementation and the rigorous monitoring of many reforestation projects.

In 2020 and 2021, thanks to your new purchases of boxes of 25 Evive products, we were able to contribute to plant 2 new mixed forests in the Eastern Townships. These forests allow us to offset a portion of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our operations.

Every tree has its place

The development of each forest requires several steps to ensure its success, starting with proper plant site location. This step helps guarantee the success and optimal growth of each plantation.

The survival rate of the plantations is then measured at least twice during the first 5 years following their reforestation. In the event of unhealthy trees, CO2 Compensation Québec will replace the latter to ensure that the carbon offset objectives are met.

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, the first action we have taken is the reforestation of the 8,375 trees making up the first Evive forests.

We will continue in 2022 with the reforestation of at least 4,000 additional trees.

Reforestation is a proven and effective method of carbon offsetting. It creates new forests while providing multiple ecological benefits. These mixed forests are beneficial for fauna, flora and they bring ecological diversity to the land. They also create a local economic contribution through reforestation work, the necessary technical monitoring and eventually provide labor for the teams of silvicultural workers during the forest development projects that will be carried out. Once the trees reach maturity, the harvested wood will be used for various purposes including construction and home renovation. The wood and the carbon it contains will be retained for a much longer period of time.

Evive is committed to minimizing its ecological and environmental footprint not only through carbon offsetting, but also through purchasing organic ingredients, reducing food waste and using recyclable and compostable packaging.

Evive forests are a source of life and we are proud to contribute to the implementation of these new mixed forests. The GHG sequestration associated with them supports our environmental action and our desire to have a positive impact on our community.